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"I would like to commend EduMatrix for their services. EduMatrix provides services that are prompt, professional and attentive to detail. The data collecting and subsequent reports caused our organization to not only grow, but to reach a new standard of excellence. Our organization is indebted to EduMatrix for enlarging our visions and goals. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that needs help with evaluation, data collection and analysis or detailed recording. It will cause your organization to become more concise and meticulous in gathering information and using that information to reach your optimum goals."

Sylvia Ferguson 

Advisor to the Board of the Steinway Society


Here are just a few of the many testimonials from our clients.  They are so happy that they switched to our services and are very satisfied with what we offer.  EduMatrix would be honored to have your organization on board. Contact us today.



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"The number one goal for EduMatrix is student achievement, which is evident in the 21st CCLC evaluation services that they provide to our programs. EduMatrix gives us a personal experience and does everything in their power to help us along the way. We are so satisfied with their 21st CCLC services!"

Nikki Johnson, 21st CCLC Project Director


"EduMatrix is a great company that is serving as our consultant and has helped us streamline our processes and procedures for achieving our grant outcomes. They work with our staff, provide us with data management services and creates systems and procedures for us to meet our reporting requirements. In addition, EduMatrix evaluates our programs, provides feedback and ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and has truly made a positive impact on our organization. Working with EduMatrix is one of the best decisions I could have ever made."

Gary Grimes, President

Steinway Society of Central Florida


"EduMatrix has done an excellent job in assisting us in the areas of Professional Development and Education Consulting. They deliver the highest level of service and we are so excited to be working with them! EduMatrix will be involved in our future projects. The professionalism of this company and their resources are not only beneficial to us, but also to our clients."

Jeff Cameron, President

Brainchild Corporation


"EduMatrix has been instrumental in helping to get our 21st CCLC grants to operate effectively and efficiently. EduMatrix helped us gather information for our RFP and RFA 21st CCLC grant applications and created a procedure for our evaluation system. They help us to analyze our data and report our results. EduMatrix also offers outstanding training for our leadership staff. We look forward to continuing to work with EduMatrix with the goal of positively impacting the lives of the youth we serve."

Mack Reid, Chief Operating Officer

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida


"The guidance and support provided by EduMatrix assisted our school with improving instructional practices in a very short period of time! Through a systematic process of instructional and system evaluation, data analysis and professional development, the school was able to appropriately address key deficit skill areas and improve content delivery in the area of mathematics - that ultimately increased student achievement scores."

Robin Brown, Principal

Orange County Public Schools