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Kudos to Our 21st CCLC Clients

The pictures below are just a few of the pictures that were submitted to us from our current 21st CCLC clients. Students enjoy their time doing Academic and Personal Enrichment activities. EduMatrix is so proud of all of our 21st CCLC clients!

Completing your 2020-21 RFA/RFP 21st CCLC Grant Applications? Working hard to get the applications submitted by the deadline?  When completing the evaluation section, give us a call!  

Choose EduMatrix to be your Program External Evaluator for the upcoming 2020-21 academic year in your application and we will match OR BEAT the price you pay your current program evaluator (if you have one)! Get some more wiggle room in your budget by choosing EduMatrix. We don't overcharge and we offer Premier Program Evaluation Services that are very competitive. Just read our testimonials!   ​Join the other school districts, colleges/universities and organizations that have recently switched to EduMatrix for their grant evaluation needs. Give us a call today.

4 Top Reasons 

Why 21st CCLC programs are switching to EduMatrix?

​Welcome 21st CCLC Grantees!

Client Testimonials





It’s FREE to switch!  We match or BEAT the price you pay your current program evaluator so your 21st CCLC budget will NOT be negatively impacted.

  • We provide you with proposals for our detailed Premier Program Evaluation Services that are sure to meet the needs of your grant.  Choosing EduMatrix will allow you to benefit from a comprehensive evaluation approach, evaluation resources and so much more - PLUS we give you the best price.

We offer FREE services up front when you switch to us.

  • We provide you with information for the evaluation section of your 2020-21 RFA/RFP Grant Application and we also provide you with evaluation consultation regarding the development of your measurable objectives and more.
  • We provide Grant Writing Team Guidance (evaluation related), assist in developing an evaluation action plan and timeline, create a quantitative and qualitative data collection plan that aligns with your grant objectives and more.....all for FREE.

Our Availability and Ease of Scheduling

  • We develop a communication plan with you that you feel comfortable with – NO MORE “Have you heard from our evaluator lately?” or “Why do I always get our evaluator’s voicemail?” or “I never see our evaluator!”
  • You will have a Lead Program Evaluator as your main point of contact PLUS we have Grant Evaluation Specialists that will work hard for you.  We leave no room for error in evaluation plan implementation.

Our Premier 21st CCLC Program Evaluation Services

  •  We customize an evaluation plan for you!  You will have choices about what you want and what works best for your district/organization so that we can design a detailed plan that meets your expectations.
  • You will benefit from our Program Evaluation Webinars for FREE that will help keep you on track and guide your through the evaluation process throughout the year.
  • You will benefit from our EduMatrix Network.  We will provide you with FREE referrals to other companies in our network that offer services that you may need (Grant Writing, Professional Development, etc.)


​Read our client testimonials and you will see the difference that EduMatrix makes!  

Clients enjoy the full extent of our Program Evaluation Services that includes:

  • Customized Program Evaluation Plans that clients love!
  • Choices regarding program evaluation implementation
  • Ease of Scheduling 
  • In-depth site visits to your 21st CCLC sites to help keep each one of your sites on track throughout the school year
  • Site Visit Follow-Up Reports provided to you after each visit
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis 
  • Professional Report Writing Services including Summative and Formative Reports
  • Recommendations and expert evaluation guidance throughout the year
  • ​and so much more!